Monday, March 7, 2011

My classroom today...

I set up my stations, gave directions, and said go!
Ok. It was more complicated than that.

In my science room, we have been studying electricity. There was an awesome transition from designing our Lego space vehicles into electricity by wiring some of the vehicles with light and mini motors.

With our test on Wednesday, I wanted to design stations that would help students review the big ideas and talk about electricity. So, I had a brain pop station with a video and quiz (emailed results). Second, I had a bulletin board station with the BIG ideas on sentence strips. Students drew pictures in DrawingPad app on iPads to share. Station three had students completing series and parallel circuits on the smart board. Cool files that lit up with correct creation. Station four was a review story created in Storykit app on the iPad. Drawings and audio clips reviewing the big idea were woven together for students to listen to. Apparently, I sound like a Canadian robot...Hmmmm? Station five used the FlashCardShare app to review the high frequency words. And, station six was a couple of achievement type questions (multiple choice and short answer).

So, students spent about 10 minutes at each station. We only got through half, and are going to finish up tomorrow.

You know the moment when you pause, look around the room, and see complete engagement? We are there! I almost felt like conductor of an orchestra. With my students hard at work, there was this awesome buzz of activity, conversation, learning, and sharing.

That is my science