Sunday, March 27, 2011

Science in the Pictures

Armed with a digital camera, my daughter, son, and I made our trip around town. We snapped random photos of everything from rain puddles to stained glass church windows. The beach provided excellent images, as did the local gas station. Why did we become amateur photographers for the day?

Science in the pictures...

Each couple of months, I grab random pictures to give students to view, manipulate, and dialogue about on the smart board. I ask my students to allow the 'inner scientist' out to discuss what we see in the photos. We draw all over the pics. We develop questions. We take the day to just dialogue about what we see, know, and wonder.

I've found this type of exploration to be really beneficial. My students see so much science in the world around them. Given a springboard, they will show you just how much they know. They will develop the coolest questions and investigations. Looking at a picture of our local library windows, the discussion ranged from light reflection to efficiency windows to the seasonal changes shown in the trees around the building to evidence as to when the picture was taken. (This was just from one photo in the last round!)

I can't wait to use this latest round of in photos!

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