Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Your Marathon?

Since November, I have been steadily training for the Cleveland marathon. It will be the first full marathon after MANY half marathons. I decided that this is the time. I'm ready to challenge myself with this race.

So, during one of my longer runs over the weekend, I started to think about the process that I have been going through. The goal setting, the tracking, asking for help, celebrating. I decided to talk to my students about this process, share my story. Then, ask my students what their 'marathon' is. What are you working towards? What are your goals? At home? At school?

This conversation began in my first period gym class with my fifth graders. During our stretching and yoga warm ups, I just started talking to them about my process. After sharing a few of my running stories and my plan, I asked the marathon question. At first, my students didn't quite get the analogy and question. They were riveted and wanted to share, but really didn't have a starting point.

So, I told them to think on it...share when they had some ideas.

Throughout the day, I had many students ask me if I needed or wanted a running partner. Until, I had one particularly shy little girl come up and say quite honestly, "My marathon is reading. Every day, I try hard to get better. I'll get there. Just like you." Smiled and walked away.

That's her marathon.

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