Friday, March 18, 2011

Where did the day go?

The day started off with organizing our Right to Read week events (better late than never).

Rolled into a great game of star wars dodge ball with my class and the school resource officer. Yes. I did get out many, many times. But, I did hold my own for most of the game. And, it was such a great feeling seeing kids high-fiving each other, me, and the resource officer! When our principal stopped in, I asked him to hold the bells...we had a wicked cool game in the works.

In my first science class, we had a follow up skype session with our tech director. He had answered questions on computers and iPads in the previous conversation. So, he decided to surprise them with a skype call on the iPad 2 from right outside our door! When he walked in the room, the kids were so surprised. It was great.

A student in my afternoon class wore a color changing shirt (sunlight added). So, that was an awesome spin on our light study.

We skyped with our partner class in Amherst for some challenging OAA questions. I was SO proud of my little ones. Without any content coverage of thermal energy, my kids worked their way through a really tough one. Made me feel good about helping develop scientists that problem solve and reason.

By the end of the day, I was prepping my homeroom for next week's right to read swap, door decorations, free books, stop drop and read, and a character dress up day on Wednesday. Oh yeah...I'll be sporting a Ms. Frizzle outfit. Of course, it will be geared to light and sound energy!

Where did the day go? What a blast! I love my job.

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