Monday, April 18, 2011

Stone Lab...Here we come!

The lists are made, the permission slips are collected, the money is turned in...
The excitement has been building since the end of October when my fifth graders science trip to Stone Lab was postponed due to weather.

So, away we will go by bus, ferry, and small boats over to Gibralter Island, where our science learning will be kicked up to the next level with lab after lab.

I can't even describe how awesome of a feeling it is to watch my students work with the Stone Lab scientists for a day filled with hands-on, information packed labs. To see the excitement, the learning and questioning that happens for over a hundred kids in two days...amazing!

The facilitators at Stone Lab are really good at pulling the kids in, giving them control of the lab, and pulling it all together with them. The topics covered range from limnology to ichthyology to ornithology and more! The kids dissect fish, use awesome microscopes to see plankton, and learn about invasive species.

This is SCIENCE! My students leave this experience wanting to investigate more, record their observations, find careers in science. Could you ask for more from a trip? A day of this does so much that the state of Ohio will never assess with achievement tests. The labs reinforce the content 100%. But, the gains in really learning science with this trip is off the charts valuable!

So, will I sleep tonight? Not likely! I am just as excited as my kids...a little more worried about details. But, visions of Stone Lab will be dancing in my head!

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