Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Independent Study Projects in Science

The science room...

From the ipads, there are sounds of GarageBand tracks being developed for a rap about metal corrosion. A student is using the smart board to project a picture of an archaeological dig on to a poster to trace for her background. A Toontastic cartoon is being created on iPad to show the static electricity experiment conducted. Fakebook pages are being designed in Google docs for Steve Spangler, Michael Farady, Albert Einstein, and Saturn. Two students are emailing Steve Spangler for ideas on how they can be better scientists. A cartoon strip is being created on the ipad to show the process of creating a solar distiller. Wordles, blogs, and data charts...Oh my! Science, technology, and creativity woven together into a wonderful blend of learning.

I can't describe how cool it feels to get so wrapped up in my fifth grade students Independent Study Projects for science. The day flies by in a blur of talking, laughing, thinking. Working as teams, making discoveries, and creating super cool displays of learning is a true high point. They have such control and freedom in their learning and with their iPads in hand, they are tackling the challenge.

The problem solving skills, the creativity, and the fluidity of their work with the science equipment and technology is the result of a great year together. By asking questions together, developing strategies for answering, and working like scientists all year long, we are ready to showcase this! With the help of my PLN, my tech coordinators, and my student's ideas, this is a great experience for all.

I am very fortunate to have such amazing students, such access to technology, and the ideas from other professionals on Twitter!

I wish the school year had more time...I am going to miss this group!

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