Wednesday, June 22, 2011

iPad2 in the First Days of School

After using a class set of iPads this year with my science students, I have actively petitioned to expand the use of these devices. Seeing my own students success, I am passionate about seeing other students have these opportunities. So, I've emailed, talked, presented at conferences, and BEGGED my administrators to invest.

And, yes! They are listening. We are seeing iPad orders being placed in special education, class set for our 6th grade class, and even more small additions around the district. And, I couldn't be more excited. If the teachers using these devices are reflective, creative partners with their students, "Oh, the places they will go!"

I however am left in a very interesting position. I have grown as an educator with my Muppets (my iPad1 set that I piloted), and I love all the wonderful learning, creating, sharing activities that my 5th graders have done. But, it is...I want more. I know that sounds so incredibly greedy of me. However, in looking at the work I've done with the iPads and seeing what the next version offers, I feel like I'm ready for the next level. And, to those who say it isn't that much different, I have to ask if you've considered the possibilities? Having picture and video access at your students fingertips...the level of learning just exploded!

Here are my ideas on how I would utilize the iPad2 in the science room in just the first few days/weeks:

-Using Teacher Pal app, I would grab student pics the first day of school, organize them into their learning teams, and later enter parent contact information for emailing good notes on the spot.
-Students would take their own picture with their iPad2, pull it into a Keynote doc, and create an "About Me" poster answering some key questions about themselves for saving in their google docs portfolio and sharing with me. Learning a little about their interests, strengths, and expectations of science while introducing them to pic taking, keynote, and google docs.
-Using iMovie to create a class/team video highlighting how we will work together to learn and grow (previously known as 'going over the rules').
-Student groups use iMovie to create short videos for lab rules and safety.
-Student take picture of sunrise each morning with iPad, pull it into google presentation, so that we can see the angle of sunlight change with the seasons.
-Students take pictures of butterfly garden plants for classification of various plants.
-Students record lab events by picture or video to create short movie to share results.
-Students take pictures of their Lego vehicles for presentations/design., I went a little past a week's worth of ideas. And, I have even more ideas in how to incorporate this into a problem/project based science classroom. I truly believe that using the iPad1 for this past year has made me so excited for the possibility of the second version. It's not JUST a's another entire dimension added to the mix.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I like the "About Me" activity. I teach 1st and 2nd graders and would love to try this out with them.