Friday, June 24, 2011

Passion For Science

After today, I can call myself a rocket scientist. Ok, that's not entirely true, but fun to say!

I spent the day at Plum Brook NASA facility in Sandusky with about 30 other educators learning about rocketry and launching rockets with students. What an awesome experience! We discussed everything from simple demos...

To real NASA rockets, and everything in between.

AND, we were able to build our own rockets to launch, which we did.
How awesome is that?

I loved the hands-on, step by step assembling of the rockets. I loved personalizing my rocket with the name "George". And, I LOVE that my 'eggstranaut' George made it back to Earth in one piece after being launched outside.

The excitement in the activity was phenomenal. The instructor, Fred Kepner, was great. His pacing, instructional methods, and excitement made the time zip by! I would have loved to talk for even longer.

When it came time to launch my rocket, George 2011, I was as excited as a kid. Saying, 3, 2, 1, and hitting that button was a blast! Seriously!

In my 'eggstranauts' capsule, I included a little fortune cookie fortune from my stash (which I keep handy at all times...never know when you need a great message). It said, "You will be called to fill a position of high honor and responsibility.". I'm sure you can imagine how that quote applies. But, it made me think of my role as a science teacher. It is an amazing honor to work with my fifth graders! To get them excited about the world around see science in question ideas/designs/people. What an honor and responsibility. I hope to keep my students feeling the same thrill that I had launching George today! And, if any of my colleagues ever see me drifting from this, please pull some ninja moves out and remind me of this!

I love science!

Dorky picture thanks to @dpcasper, an awesome colleague that I had the pleasure of chatting and working with today! That is a teacher that does some seriously cool stuff with his students...worth following!

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