Monday, July 25, 2011

My Own Personal IEP

While reading through various educators blogs, my attention was caught by a particularly interesting post by Morgan Kolis (@Room5Friends). Her blog address is

First, I always like reading Morgan's posts because she is a Special Ed teacher that shows her true feelings and love for her students in every post, tweet, and email. She keeps me reminded of the reasons that I love the classroom, my students. She is also pretty great at using technology in the classroom. ;)

Her recent post that caught my attention was regarding her reflections of this past school year. She had made a personal IEP for herself in her goals, and the post described her accomplishments along with the areas she still needed to grow. I like that! I like that she wrote out her ideas, did her best to meet her challenges, and she reflected on them honestly with careful thought. Awesome!

Now, I had some ideas jotted down in a notebook that remind me of Morgan's IEP. My ideas are scribbled out, unorganized, and not likely to be implemented anytime soon...UNLESS!!!! I snag Morgan's ideas. I am going to outline my own IEP for this next school year. And, being the low tech (at heart) person that I can sometimes be, I will be printing out a hardcopy of this to post in my classroom.

Overall theme: BALANCE


1. Provide parents with a steady amount of feedback. This will include our daily classroom progress and event and individual student comments.

To accomplish this goal, I will use:
-Class webpage with embedded google calendar of lessons, announcements, and assessments. Student projects and class blog posts.
-Parent postcards (3-5 weekly).
-Daily emails through TeacherPal app (1-3 daily).
-Student twitter feed for class events

2. Provide balance in instructional techniques. (I tend to go all tech at times and forget my students other interests!)

To accomplish this goal, I will use:
-Lesson plan format that indicates the 5E levels for science instruction.
-Lesson plan format that embeds the various methods of instruction that I employ including, but not limited, text, lab, roundtable discussions, art, literature, journaling, projects, problems.
-Lesson plan format that includes connections with other classrooms via skype, twitter, and edmodo.

3. Provide balance in instructional materials. This is really similar to goal #2.

To accomplish this goal, I will use:
-More interactive smart board lessons in CONJUNCTION with iPads.
-Real world science stories through National Geographic articles, TED talk, and NASA emails.
-More access to greater variety of lab materials.

4. Provide balance in my own Personal Learning.

To accomplish this goal, I will use:
-The network that I have developed on twitter.
-The grade level partners that are excited to work together...forget the rest.
-My Conversations blog to brainstorm ideas and my google iPad site to continue recording my iPad implementation process.

These will be my top four goals with the overall theme of balance. I am fortunate that I have so much available to my students and myself for learning. I just need to pick and choose the best ways for our classroom to blossom. I'm excited for all the possibilities this next school year brings.

Thanks, Morgan for being so reflective and honest. You can see a common thread in my IEP. ;)

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  1. Great post. Totally stealing my ideas here. I have been pondering it all day.

  2. Love your IEP....perhaps we should all do one as a way to keep us grounded and focused!

    THanks for sharing!

  3. -The grade level partners that are excited to work together...forget the rest.
    Like that. Nice post