Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School app

First day of school...how exciting! The faces of 115+ fifth graders are my future scientists, ready to meet me! This is exciting, but a bit overwhelming at times for me.

So, this year I decided to use an app to help organize my classes a bit. The app is TeacherPal. I started off with setting up my 5 science classes and one homeroom. Then, as the students gathered books, created book covers, and we got to know each other, I captured their pictures with the iPad2 camera for the app. This gave me a semi-private moment with each student to talk a bit. I was able to comment on the new shoes, the great smile, the family resemblences, etc. I was able to show the student the seating chart and have them drag their picture into the correct spot.

The beginning moments with the app were great!

This app offers even more...

  • I can enter data for each student including attendance, notes, behavior, grades, and personal information.
  • I will be able to email directly from this app. So, my observations during a lab (great team work, awesome responses). That can be sent directly to parents! This makes communication with home that much easier!
  • Very easy to switch seating chart around quickly for labs and group work...project to smart board and students can jump quickly into groups.

So, a new app for the new school year. I enjoyed using TeacherPal, and I can see it paying off in the long run!

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