Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Knowing When THEY Aren't Knowing

Test Friday...Last minute check for understanding with ShowMe app...Boy, did it 'ShowMe' how NOT ready my students are for this coming test.

And, that's ok. ;). Time to stop, rewind, and evaluate.

We know that a student can truly show understanding when they can teach someone else the concept. And, when they struggle, you know they need more. This struggle is what I heard most of the day today.

Given various topics, the students were given a quick tutorial with the ShowMe app (which is super cool and easy to use, transfer, and share files). Then, they were asked to create a short 1-3 minute lesson that could be used for review with everyone on the smart board.

I watched my students make great effort with this assignment. They were truly good sports with this. They searched through study guides, the book, and sites previously used in class. But, you could see the struggle. They didn't know how to restate the information into their own words. They didn't know how to teach the concepts, because they didn't really get it themselves. So, the activity that I had planned on being great review became more about reteaching.

Oh my!

But, the silver lining...I have the opportunity to see my errors in teaching for a better tomorrow. The kids got a first shot at the ShowMe app. technology helped me see how hard working my students can be, even when they aren't getting it! ;)

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