Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ramping it up with some...CREATION!

After spending the past month getting students to be master iPad users (mwah ha ha), I am ready to really get them into the creation mode. This week, my students will be embarking on activities to use the iPad for the best use...creation!

Drawing original diagrams for photosynthesis on Drawing Pad.

Using the camera to capture images of plants in our butterfly garden. Pull these images into LifeCards app to create postcard to me discussing the plant adaptations evident in the picture.

Use ShowMe app to create mini-lessons to review plant structure/function, photosynthesis, and adaptations of plants.

Use iTalk app and Edmodo app during a quiz to record some of their quiz answers.

And, that is one week. Will every student work flawlessly with each activity? Probably not. But, with continued support and having already laid the ground work, we should be ready to ramp it up with even more student CREATION to show content understanding.

And, can we talk about how awesome Words With Friends is? I am all over that app and connecting some classrooms for some friendly word competition! ;)

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