Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unexpected Benefits With iPad Today

The lesson plan for today included a review or photosynthesis. My 5th graders have been introduced to the concept in 4th grade with their Life Science study of plants. So, the prior knowledge is there...the teachers in that grade do an excellent job!

My work with the kids today included a variety of activities including:
-a photosynthesis dance that we have been working on and contemplating flash mob performance in the cafeteria
-a sort of materials in a diagram of photosynthesis on the smart board
-a Brain Pop video of photosynthesis
-listening to some corny photosynthesis music

And...What the kids were most pumped about...a drawing on the iPad in DrawingPad app of photosynthesis.

So, the kids get working...some really great pics created...and, my students start dropping their work into our community DropBox. This involved some teaching each other and working together.

As my students are dropping the files, we start seeing them 'arrive' on the smart board dropbox screen. And, this is where some of the coolest parts happen. As the projects are showing up, the students start the conversations all over again. I listen to them praise each others work, critique the organization and layout of the drawing, and compare their work. Some students went back to their iPads, worked with others, and improved their work. Talk about awesome peer editing and feedback!

Why? Just because I happened to be checking the files as they dropped in. A window open on my Mac mini, showing the project file as picture form. Not supposed to be a big part of the lesson. But, wow. How cool it was to hear the CONVERSATIONS!

Some examples of their wicked cool pics:

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  1. Awesome creations. I also love all the modalities you hit, art, music, visual, communication. Amazing work!

  2. Wow, amazing artwork done on the ipad. Make sure you flip video the flash mob dance in the cafeteria. I would love to see it.