Monday, October 24, 2011

106 Heads Are Better Than One!

Setting up the week on Monday's always brings such fun questions from my 5th graders, like:

"Are we going to Skype this week?"
"Can I work on my claymation video during study hall?"
"Did you create the app team?"
"Did you create the iMovie team for Stone Lab?"
"What are learning about?"
"Did you know (random fact about iPad)?"

Ha! But, it is cool to start the week off with such excitement!

In any case, in presenting my students with our week's learning goals...THE ALWAYS PRESENT WATER CYCLE...the chatter instantly went to what iPads apps/projects we could use to demonstrate learning.

"We could use DrawingPad to draw a diagram."
"Could we use iMovie while we are making our clay diagram?"
"I know...ShowMeApp, right?"
"Wait...we haven't tried StripDesigner yet."
"Hey, we could use Pages and make another poster."
"I think Toontastic would work...!"

And, so on...
It was standard in the classes, that they started brainstorming how to use our iPads as learning tools. Wicked cool...right! This comes with TIME, OWNERSHIP, and FREEDOM to learn/fail/succeed/explore. It also comes with being a learning partner with the students. And, I know I've said that before...but,'s important!

So, 106 heads are better than one. Twitter is great for collaboration. I learn so much from other educators. But, sometimes, my best teaching partners have conversations with me in over 140 characters...and, they LOVE muppets, superheroes, and Ninja Turtles too!

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