Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DS, Science, and a Student Teaching my Class!

This first quarter has been all about Life Science in our classroom. Studying our butterfly garden, creating photosynthesis dances (with flash mobs), creating iPad drawings and videos, plant experiments, Brain Pops for food chains/webs, and Skypes all over to our partner classes. It has been a whirlwind! We are building up to our Stone Lab trip next week, and the conversation in class is phenomenal!

So, I didn't think it could get much cooler...BUT IT DID! (All because of a conversation...)

I have a girl in my homeroom that I have just started to connect with. We started chatting about her DS and a game that connects to our current study of ecosystems, Animal Sims.

She explained the general premise of the game...building a healthy ecosystem with plants and animals. Then, she started talking plant needs (space, water, pollination) and animal needs with food habitat...and on! That's been our class direction. So, I asked her if she would be allowed to bring the game and system in for me to check out.

And...she did!

What a super cool class we had! This young lady totally rose to the occasion. Using an iPad camera connecting to our smart board, she did a great demo of the game! She talked the science behind everything, too! I was quiet, shy homeroom student TOTALLY became the science teacher. And, she did a PHENOMENAL job. She was answering my questions, along with other students.

YouTube Video

I am so proud of my student! And, I'm very excited that I gave her the stage, let her teach, and show the other students that they are valued!

*In the video clip, my student is finishing up and I am reviewing with her.

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