Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flash Mobs for Science

So, the fact that I couldn't sleep the night before the fifth grade flash mob might seem a little dramatic. But, it's true. I was so excited for my kids. They were ready to surprise the cafeteria staff with the photosynthesis dance. We had been creating the moves for the dance because even with:

-students creating drawings on the iPad diagramming the process
-watching BrainPop video for photosynthesis
-student created videos in ShowMe app

We needed a little more to get the Big Idea of plants bringing energy into ecosystems.

This is a link to the class video of the flash mob.

Unfortunately, I am not a video diva. :)

But, the kids were buzzing about it all day after that...high fives going around for how GREAT they were. And, you know what? Fifth graders are great! I love their enthusiasm for anything...even flash mobs.

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