Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Them Questioning

The weekend before our huge Stone Lab Science field trip and I'm reviewing all my lessons up to this point in the year. I know that I can't prepare them for every bit of learning that will occur. I wish I could front load it ALL so that the experience will be even that much better. But, after a long run today, I am confident that I have these students primed for a phenomenal experience.

I may not have had the time to get all the content in front of them...but, I have got them ready to question!

This video is from earlier this year. But, it highlights the importance in giving students exeriences that allow for questions. Giving them an opportunity to observe, wonder, and test out is a powerful way to learn. I Wonder statements can be generated without all the content being there...and that's the power of inquiry learning!

With these experiences, I think we are ready to get into the hands-on learning at Stone Lab!

Asking Questions from Leah LaCrosse on Vimeo.

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