Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can Science Be Any Cooler!

Just wanted to post a quick blog...

The last few weeks have been SO wicked cool in science. We have had such opportunities and resources. From NASA Lunar and Meteorite samples (that came in the WORLD'S COOLEST CASES):

to Skyping with Phil Plait, @BadAstronomer:

(Click picture for link.)

After watching Phil's TED talk in class, I sent a request via email for a quick skype with very enthusiastic 5th graders! His acceptance threw us into overdrive creating questions, voting on the ten best, and getting our band room ready for many eager kids. My awesome principal, Mark Doughty (@woodlandsprin) helped with equipment and location.

Our Skype lasted just a bit over a half hour, and the kids were amazed. The connection he made with them through humor and relating the concepts to their lives were phenomenal!

What an experience! (I was SO nervous and excited). But, it was AWESOME!

to Skyping with friends all over the country to share our NASA samples...

it has been amazing!

It makes me feel so fortunate to have such opportunities and connections!

This isn't even counting in our other resources...

Marcus Chown's Solar System app,

Moon phase rap,

Brain pop videos,


And more!

Wow! What an awesome beginning to Earth and Space Science!

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