Tuesday, December 6, 2011

While we are exploring our planet, solar system, and more, my students are showing such unbridled enthusiasm. I LOVE it!

Today was especially cool!

To introduce how we learn about our solar system, galaxy, and beyond, we are checking out meteorites. Let me set the stage...

1. Students warmed up by viewing and discussing a couple of the better ShowMe videos (they created on Friday with the ShowMe app on the iPad) for vocabulary terms telescope, inertia, and gravity.

2. Then, we jumped on to edmodo to share what we know already about asteroids, meteors, and meteorites. Students had a basic understanding that they are typically found in space, can hit earth, and that's about it!

3. So, we multi-tasked...

We watched a TED talk: Phil Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids.

We back-channeled on edmodo what we were hearing, surprised by, wondering next, and TERRIFIED about.

This was WHILE we were making initial observations about the NASA meteorite samples that I checked out. Student recorded what they noticed with using a hand lens on edmodo.

Well, needless to say...it was really cool! The students comments and questions on edmodo were both very intuitive, but also really clarifying for me! Their comments gave me a window into their thinking, ideas and misconceptions.

BUT, the ultimate comment during the day came from 2 of my students right in the middle of the lesson...
One boy looked up from typing to say, "Wow! Now I know why Math and Science are SO important!"
Even better, one of the young ladies looked up and said, "Now you know why I'm going to be a scientist! I'm not leaving this up to just ANYONE!"

Awesome! They got it. :)

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