Saturday, January 14, 2012

iPads in Gym, seriously?

Along with teaching my 5 science classes a day, I have the fortune of teaching a gym class each morning to a my fifth graders.

How do we use the iPads in gym? Beyond the obvious use of showing video clips for various skills, games, and activities, here is a list of how we have integrated the iPads:

*Video replay- While learning basketball skills, my students loved to be video taped as they dribbled, passed, and shot. They would come over, watch themselves, and try to change something. Pretty cool feedback!

*Yogo sessions- I made Keynote slide shows with funny pics to demonstrate the various poses. Using the iPad hooked up to the projector, we all could view and complete the workout together with some humor involved.

*Dance/Yoga sessions- Students used their iPads in groups to create their own sessions. They could choose to make a dance with one of the loaded songs, or they could design a yoga session with the Yoga 101 app that is loaded.

*Obstacle Courses- Thanks to a great lesson plan from Royan Lee (@royanlee), my students created their own obstacle courses for each other for the second year in a row. This year, they used DrawingPad app to design their courses.

*Running- Pretty expensive timer, right? But, yeah...the days I forget my watch or cell phone, I have the iPad timer and score board right there.

There are many apps for monitoring fitness, weight, and health goals that we could be using. We could get into tracking heart rate and exercise level. Heck, I could even get my kids to complete an on-line blog of their activities and goals. I say keep it simple and implement when easy to do so.

The iPad is an amazing tool that once you are comfortable implementing it, you can think of a jillion more uses. And, it isn't a novelty anymore; it just becomes another tool for student learning.

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