Monday, February 20, 2012

Mental Case?

I absolutely LOVE the name of this app!
Mental Case...
I even love telling the kids to open up the Mental Case. Ha!

But, why is it one of my top recommended apps?

Vocabulary can be a dreaded word for some (most) students. It isn't fun. They don't remember the definitions because most time they don't understand them.

I will give credit to the power of knowing key vocabulary. Knowing and personalizing meaning in content vocabulary is a key component in being successful. Whether it is a test or the "real world" vocabulary understanding is necessary.

So, that is where Mental Case makes it a pretty cool process. Unlike other apps that I've tested with students, Mental Case is a kid-tested, teacher approved method of developing vocabulary awareness. :)

Here's why:
*Students can easily create the flashcards. Give them some free explore time, and they are good to go! Seriously, very easy to pick up!

*Picture integration- You can use your pics from the iPad camera, internet, or (best) student created in a drawing app. The pictures are great triggers for understanding the word/definition.

*Voice integration- You can have students record their own voices for the word and definitions. They learn to stress key words, and later they hear THEIR voice. Cool, and fundamentally sound for all students...but, especially a struggling reader.

*Transfer- You can make a set and share to multiple iPads (if you want) via iTunes, syncing w/Mac, Bluetooth, or email. I like having students personalize the sets per iPad (easier and more beneficial, I think).

*Organize- You can create sets based on concepts and help students see connections in words/definitions.

Great app!
Check it out!

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful resource - one that would also help students with different learning styles. Love the idea of students adding their own pictures (instead of the ones I choose for them). Sure wish we had iPads!

    Thanks for sharing. I will pass this along to colleagues that do use iPads in the classroom.

  2. Very cool, thanks for sharing Leah! Just this week we started using StudyBlue for flashcards. Any experience with it, or how it compares to Mental Case?

    1. I just took a quick tour through the StudyBlue site...wicked cool! It looks like it is a very slick/quick way to get students creating the flash cards, which is completely the goal. Whether you use mental case or study blue, you've got the activity going that will help those students grab and hold that vocabulary knowledge.

      Whenever I am trying to decide between apps (so, before I make my final call) I will ask a small group of students to use both (all choices) and give me their recommendation. A couple students just did this for comparing ShowMe to Educreations. They whole heartedly loved ShowMe. And, honestly...whatever works for them is fine with me. They are the ones using it. :)

      Thank you for the Study Blue app mention...I am definitely interested in checking that out!