Saturday, June 30, 2012

Help Wanted!

This past year, I had amazing experiences connecting my classroom to other classrooms via Skype, Twitter, and Edmodo. I am REALLY looking forward to that for the upcoming year. I loved the classes that we worked with, and I want to follow that similar path for this new group of students.

Also, I am also looking to build this relationship up with a class to class connection that will be on a more full time basis. I want to essentially merge two classes to work together to explore science. Using combined efforts with resources, ideas, and students, I would love to make a year long commitment with our classes.

Sound interesting?

If so, here's what I'm looking for:

  • 5th grade class (connection in science content)
  • Ohio preferably (due to state standards)
  • willing to Skype or Google chat on a weekly (building up to daily) basis from the very beginning of school for class period
  • Willing to connect classes through Edmodo and possibly Twitter
  • Willing to integrate technology with emphasis possibly on iPad project use, video, and web-site development of content learning
  • Willing to engage students in a more problem based learning style
  • Interested in connecting classes to science and technology professionals via Skype
If this sounds interesting and worth having a conversation about, please let me know on this blog or through twitter @llacrosse

I would love to explore learning in this format. I think we are doing great things in 5th grade @lacrossescience and I would love to take this next step.

Please share this request. :) I can brainstorm possible connection possibilities.


  1. Leah,
    One of my good friends Anna, might be interested or me... I just don't know what grade I will have yet!

    1. Thank you for replying Amy! I would love to see what we can work on! Just let me know.

  2. Leah, we'll be starting an earth and space science unit right away (July 23rd). I want to capture the power of the Curiosity landing on Mars. I'm in AZ but if this seems like something you can do, I'm sure we can make it happen.

    1. Michael,
      Sounds great to connect! We aren't back in session until end of August. Do you know what you will be exploring in September? I'm sure we can find common ground in our curriculum. :)

  3. Leah,
    I'm very interested in seeing if we can work something out. Like Michael said, I'm out of state (FL). We start at the end of August too, and we begin with thinking like a scientist, and then weather.

  4. Bill,
    That is fantastic! I would love to start connections with "thinking like a scientist" prompt. We could jump in with a mystery Skype to intro our classes together. Then, we can work together on the "scientist" activities. From there, it would be great to compare/contrast our weather and jump into those activities. I'd be interested in starting a google doc for our ideas!
    My email is
    or twitter is @llacrosse
    Whatever way is easiest to connect. :)

    I'm excited to see your interest!