Sunday, July 8, 2012

IEP Revisited

Last year, right around this time, I posted My Personal IEP post ( This post was inspired by Morgan Kolis, @Room5Friends. In my post, I identified my top goals for the school year. They included balance in instruction, communication, and connecting my students. I printed out this post and hung it on the science supply cabinet in my room (as I elected to ditch the desk this year).

Periodically, I reviewed it, but I'll be honest, I fell short in the communication with families area. I didn't have as much variety in communication as I had hoped. The school postcards were GREAT, and I rocked that out. However, I wanted to initiate more contact through phone, and that didn't happen as much. Twitter...great, but only had a few parent followers. The other areas looked pretty good. I had a nice mix in tech, hands on, and literacy based instruction. We managed to explore the science content while developing investigations, connecting with other professional and student scientists around the United States, and avoiding achievement test prep nonsense as much as possible.

So, for this coming year, I have MORE goals:
  • Communication- Going to continue working on that! I am going to try to make 3-5 calls home over the week. Identifying the positive moments, as well as sharing areas of growth will be the focus.
  • Communication- Twitter, going to try to encourage more parents to follow. Edmodo, going to get parents involved in our Learning Management System.
  • Continuing Education- This is the year for me to renew my National Board Certification. So, I'll have a social studies class in the mix of science classes. FUN!
  • Growing with iPad use- I'm excited to use my iPads for the 3rd year with students. I am looking for even more ways to learn, create, and share with the devices!
  • Global Read Aloud- I am signed up for this really cool connection, and I am super excited to jump into this!
  • Connections- I loved the conversations that occurred this year in connecting my classes through Skype, Edmodo, and Twitter. Definitely hoping to keep those connections, and I'm looking for 1 or more class to pilot a more permanent connection with. Please see my Help Wanted post.
And, my final goal...
  • I am really going to try to enjoy having my son in class this year! I know that their will be a balance in there and maybe it will be a struggle, but I hope he sees the love of learning, students, and science that I have. This will be a new dimension and relationship for us, and my goal is to relax, enjoy, and savor this time with him.
Do you have your goals? I'd love to hear about them!

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