Saturday, July 14, 2012

iPad Project Menu

In collecting my ideas for this upcoming school year, I have been sifting through my ideas for iPad projects. I have used many different projects on the iPad for assessing my students' understanding of science content. We used postcard making with the LifeCards app to assess understanding of various planet characteristics. We've created popplets for concept mapping of the water cycle. We've created Keynote presentations for designing new ecofriendly, alternate energy based communities. And more...

So, for next year, I'm looking to scaffold the iPad projects in a similar method. Highlighting:
  • content, content, content- The science must lead the project!
  • audience- Adapt the project to fit the audience.
  • choice- What are you natively interested in building?
This last part is where I think I'm going to implement the use of a project menu board. We've discussed using menus on twitter chats, and I've utilized menu systems with science classwork. So, why not try it with my iPad projects?

Here's my beginning list of projects. GOOGLE SITE LINK

Feel free to add some ideas, and share your twitter or google contact if you'd like.
Otherwise, maybe this list can give you some ideas for iPad project building. :)


  1. Love your project menu! I am definitely going to check out the Life Cards app. Although, I don't teach Science I think I can use a lot of these apps for ELA and Social Studies.

    1. Absolutely! I have had 1 social studies class added this year, and I am excited to use these projects for my content there as well. I love the idea of Native American storytelling and travel postcards as we review continents, countries, regions, and more!

      Thanks for posting. :)