Monday, August 13, 2012

Popplet + Pages= Fun Writing!

Just a quick post on today's summer school activity...

Trying to encourage a group of 15 reluctant writers can be a struggle! I won't lie! (Especially, when I am the iPad lady.) So, how did I get my incoming 4th graders to write today?

I started with a topic they all enjoy...sports and games. I asked them to brainstorm their favorite game or sport. We chatted about why they enjoyed the sports and games. Then, using the Reflection Software mirroring my iPad screen to the projector, I used the Popplet app for creating a web of my favorite sport...running. I showed the central theme in the middle, details surrounding it, and even inserted fun pictures.

Time for the students to work...
and they did! They did a great job working and helping each other.

After their popplets were saved to the photo library, we were ready for a break! (snack and recess time)

Upon returning, we rocked it out by pulling those perfect, popplet, prewriting tool pictures into PAGES! (Tell me there is a writing teacher out there impressed with THAT sentence!) The students used these graphics (for the most part) to build a paragraph.

Then, to give these writers a hard copy of their hard work, I had them print from the iPads using the Printopia software loaded to my computer. (This software allows you to save to the computer or use the computer to share with a printer.)

So, that was our day...mixing in a couple of fun math apps for thoseneeding a break or for those working a little faster. FUN!

Here are a couple more samples:

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