Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wading in with NearPod App

So, I don't normally do this...but, I just can't help myself on this one!

***I don't usually recommend an app before I have used it successfully many times with students. Typically, I test apps with my two kids, a small group of students, and many classes before I sing it's praise (or trash it) publicly.

But, the NearPod iPad app has me enthralled! Thanks to @trendingedtech I decided to test out this app with a small group of students yesterday in class. As students were finishing their Educreation videos on science vocabulary, I asked them to "pilot" a new app with me. (They love doing this!)

This is a great graphic describing the app:

This is a great video explaining the app:

The feedback from the kids (as we explored together) was awesome! They loved the sample presentation we were working with, and they kept asking if I was going to make my own presentations AND if THEY could make presentations to share with each other. :)

What I did was pull a sample nearpod presentation already created and run with it. The presentation/lesson was created about scale of the solar system. This one lesson included the following features:

  • Gorgeous graphics and solid science information
  • Place for students to log in (so I could see them show up on my screen)
  • AMAZING video showing objects in scale mode (small to large)
  • Intermittent content checks that students respond to (scores and shows you results)
  • Asks students to draw an answer to a question on their ipad (sends to can share then with other students)
  • A final test
Right now, I'm just playing with the free version of the app. I'm building presentations from previous smart board slides and old power points and keynotes. I'm starting with my older materials and adding the interactive features, like students' drawing/submitting ideas, answering questions, and completing polls. The full version adds a couple more features that I can see as I wade into the program I will likely want to buy! I'm just now exploring information on the School Edition...

I would LOVE to connect with others that have used this program in the classroom. Please retweet and pass this post on...would love to work with someone on this!


  1. Hi Leah, Once I take another webinear to refresh my memory on how to use Nearpod, I'll be in touch.