Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#iPadConnections and more!

Usually I write about my science classroom and how I'm working to guide my scientists, and I'm sure I'll be thinking in that mode soon! This winter break has been about my professional connections. I'm working to renew my National Board Certification while preparing for a couple of iPad presentations while preparing my application for the Apple Distinguished Educator while... EXACTLY! So, a lot of reflection.

One area which I am highlighting is my iPad connections. I've developed a map showing some of the places, conferences, and people I've worked with regarding iPads in the classroom. If you happen to want to drop a pin for my involvement with your learning and the iPad, I'd love a quick message. Thanks!

View iPad Connections in a larger map

1 comment:

  1. Please add a pin for me! You know how much I learn from you! Since I now have acquired 2 iPads I look forward to your posts. What I especially love about your iPad resource posts is your approach. It's a real world review which is very practical.

    Congratulations on all that you are doing! You are truly a Distinguished Educator in my book!

    Nancy (Massachusetts)