Friday, March 15, 2013

Science Embedded in the Art!

So, I've always used photos in science class to get kids thinking about science in the world around them. I will take pictures from my phone, the internet, and artwork and ask students to discuss the "Science in the Pics". I usually project the photos from my iPad to the big screen. Students Think, Pair, and then Share with the group. The ideas I get give me some insight into the range of understanding in science concepts between the students. The use of vocabulary and the depth to which students can discuss their observations is a great way to assess their understanding. Some students are able to grab my iPad and draw all over the screen pointing out science in action. Others struggle at the beginning and use student models to grow in that area.

Another way that I love using pictures in science is by using a local artist's sketches. Mr. Josh Haplea, the art teacher at McCormick Junior High in Huron, Ohio, is very generous in giving me artwork that can be used with a central theme. From animal adaptions to sound and light energy, he does a phenomenal job creating a cartoon style art work that engages my students in science and art! My students can pull Mr. Haplea's pictures onto their iPad (from DropBox or after I posted them on twitter) and use the image in a variety of apps:

  • Educreations or ShowMe
  • DrawingPad
  • TypeDrawing
  • StripDesigner
  • Pages
  • Toontastic
  • Popplet
This is Mr. Haplea's latest creation for us:

Students jumped into action...finding fun science in the picture.

Then, students pulled the picture in digitally...or, colored (old school).

But, to have even more fun with the picture, I asked students to think of what images could be embedded in the artwork. Using Augmented Reality, could we extend the fun? "Apps"olutely! (Sorry about that! Had to do it.)

So, we used the app Aurasma to embed six pictures and videos into the artwork. Now, disclaimer...with our first shot at it, not all of the images were the MOST scientific! But, we tried. ;)

These were our images:
  1. The spectrum turned into a picture that we took of a spectrum from a prism + overhead projector on our ceiling.
  2. The eye ball at the top turned into a video of a student blinking their eye.
  3. The light bulb turned into a blinking blue light bulb.
  4. The periscope at the bottom turned into a yellow submarine.
  5. The angler fish turned into a cartoon image of an angler fish with HUGE fangs.
  6. Mr. Haplea's signature at the bottom turned into Rene Magritte's painting, The Son of Man...but animated like in the Matrix!

These educators are rocking out the use of Aurasma app to levels that I am just THRILLED to try out. You have to watch this video. They have so many amazing ways to share content, student work, and more with the app.

Can you see some possibilities in your classroom?

Technology can be SO much fun!

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