Wednesday, May 1, 2013

#edtechex Ideas For Summer Planning

Not that I am anxious to start the summer (ahem)...but in thinking of the summer break, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their favorite #edtechex(ample) from this school year. Sharing ideas of what really made an impact with students and learning through the use of technology is always a way that I learn and grow as an educator. And, what better way to close the year up than by sharing ideas to toss around the brain over the summer!'s the thought:

  • Post your favorite blog post from they year that highlights #edtechex.
  • Share an example of #edtechex in a tweet.
  • Retweet someone else's #edtechex that is worth exploring.

Who knows...we may inspire some ideas for next school year this way!

What do you think?


  1. Awesome idea! Maybe we can have a tweet meeting sometime early in the summer. When is your last day of school?

  2. June 3rd is our last teacher day. :)

  3. Me too! We really should get a group of #edtechex people to start a chat sometime after school lets out.