Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I LOVE this case!

So, I don't usually post about specific products for the iPad (unless you count apps). But, I have to tell you...I LOVE this new case!

This is my pretty, blue, absolutely fun to walk around the classroom with Gripcase case and stand! It is wicked cool!

I just ordered a second iPad for using in the classroom and conducting workshops, and I hadn't landed on a case yet. I have been using a Targus case on my other iPad, and I like that case. It does the job...protects the iPad. That is my number one concern in using the iPads. I just want them protected. And, since my students frequently borrow my iPad from home, I definitely want protection. But, I thought trying this case would be fun. So, today was my big pilot day with it...

I was working in the classroom collecting student data as they worked. I was filling in a project work assessment rubric in a Google Form. I was collecting pictures, audio, and notes in Evernote folders about various groups. And, I was using various apps for teaching and support. I used everything from pulling up Safari to grab a map of the US, pull it into Drawing Pad and have students draw the path the invasive Asian Carp have taken over the past few years. And...more. I even used the iPad with its new case for collecting data with PASCO sensors.

My point with all this is...I NEVER felt an awkward moment with the iPad and new case. It was as natural as can be! Light weight, easy to hold, and protecting the iPad. I felt comfortable enough to just pass the iPad off to a student to use. No worries!

The kids were instantly drawn to it, too! They have the class iPads they were working with, but they definitely were attracted to the new case. They commented on how cool it looked, and when I handed it to them to work with...they loved the feel of it.

I would definitely want to use these in a class set of iPads!

My daughter even wanted to use the iPad for reading in the hammock.

Check out their website... GRIPCASE!

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