Saturday, August 24, 2013

Same App...Another Great Use

Not too long ago, I posted about my success with a student and the app, Word Wizard. The blog post was called, Don't Cry Leah because I was crying in the public library with joy about the huge developmental leap that I just was a part of for my little guy, Derrick. Major moment in our tutoring, for Derrick, and for me!

So, this weekend we continued with the progress by utilizing the app again. This is how...

We began by "playing" with words as we had before. But, then we turned it around and found objects around the library that we wanted to spell. We pointed to the object (chair), pulled the letters on to spell the word, and listened to the word. Derrick was having a ton of fun! I decided to bump it up a notch...

We then found words and phrases on magazines, posters, and signs around the library that we wanted to know. We pulled the letters onto the screen, "Do not open" and listened to the words being read. We pointed to the words, listened, and kept connecting back. FUN!

To continue the work at home, I made a quick iMovie on Derrick's iPad to share with parents at home. I asked that they do this activity with books, newspapers, and signs around their home.
Here is the video...

You can tell that I am in the library...trying to be super quiet! :)

This activity lasted 40 minutes! 40 minutes! This was the child that lasted 3 minutes in an app on average a couple months ago. :)

So, that is the success story with Word Wizard this week. We are going to ride that wave as long as it lasts.

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