Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#classconnections begin!

Today, two of our science classes were fortunate enough to connect with partner classes in Arizona and Georgia. In general, the experiences were exciting. Students were challenging each other, learning about other areas, and learning how to connect for learning in a professional way! Students on both side of the camera worked well as a team to discover the others' location. Excellent clues and questions were given, and all of the teachers were proud!

Mrs. D's Skype #classconnection:
Students in second period could not stop talking about how much they learned about Georgia! Here are some of our favorite clues:
  • Jimmy Carter was from Georgia.
  • The state was named after King George.
  • They are famous for their peaches.
  • The 1996 Summer Olympics were held there.
  • And, they are bordered by 5 states!
We found many connections between the classes, and finished off the call with a short chat about the similarities. It was a great way to start the #classconnection.

Mr. B's Google Hangout #classconnection:

Our call with Mr. B. was quite a thrill! We had prepared clues, but they were ready to ramp up the challenge by asking yes/no questions to narrow down location. This was a challenge, but we were ready to dive in! Looking at our clues, the students adapted them to ask questions such as:
  • Are you west of the Mississippi?
  • Do you border Mexico?
  • Are you in the Pacific Time Zone?
  • And more!
The kids were sharing ideas, referring to the maps around the room, and keeping close tabs on the clues!

Video from 6th period's Google hangout with Mr. B's class in Arizona:

I cannot wait to reconnect with our new learning partners!

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