Monday, November 4, 2013

Animal Adaptation iPad Projects

After researching a specific animal and its physical/structural adaptations, my fifth graders dove into creating projects to share their learned information. I asked them to chose either:

  • Educreation app for creating a short screencast about their animal
  • ThingLink app for creating an image with images/videos embedded inside
  • SketchNation app for building a video game about the animal

Wow! The kids just excelled with this!
The conversations going on about their projects were so interesting. Talking about ways to show the adaptations, what good "enemies" or "power ups" would be, and how to explain the information they were finding were key topics!

Pre-writing, peer editing, and freedom to choose...key factors in my students success!

Here are a couple of students' projects:

Screen Shots from SketchNation app-



Students were so excited about their animal projects, and I couldn't be more thrilled with how fun science can be with these awesome tools! Students were talking about later games they want to create about planet information and more!

You have to try out all three apps!

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