Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Augmented Reality Walk Content Review

This week started off on Monday with a really exciting activity that I am just so excited to share!

After exploring many earth science topics like tectonic plate movement, seismic-safe building designs, earth features, earth geologic time periods, and fossils, we were ready to stop and catch our breath. Students have been working hard to learn the content and create different projects with their learning like these:


Short Animations


Toontastic Cartoons

And more! Not displayed here are the fantastic booklets and posters that students created in class. Students are exploring the content in so many ways. So, to catch up, review the information that we have been working with, introduce them to the Aurasma app for later use, and just have a fun activity, I decided to use some of their work in an Augmented Reality walk.

So, using their seismic-safe building models, Earth time period posters, earth features booklets, and various other posters and class materials, I built a walk that would take them through images and videos reviewing the content. As students opened the Aurasma app, they visited various "stops" at the lab tables. 

The stations looked like this:

Students were able to explore the content by watching fossils emerge from their time period posters and information from their Earth booklets.

They were able to watch video clips of the San Andreas fault and bioluminescent animation from the maps in the room.

I embedded information about seismic-safe buildings right inside of their models!

Some triggers loaded web clips. Some loaded student animations. And, some were just fun graphics!

It was really fun to watch the students wander along the AR walk, talk about the information, have fun pulling up the overlays, and just enjoy themselves! Their were a couple of glitches with triggers that didn't work perfectly. Also, it became difficult to hear all the videos in my larger classes. So, it wasn't a flawless activity, but definitely engaging! Students commented, "I love this app!" and "This is really cool!"

With so much interest in using the app, where do I go from here? Well, I have a couple plans:

  1. The posters, booklets, and materials that were used for this activity aren't going anywhere! They will be around the room for any down time. Why not embed the learning on the walls all around them? Their work, their memories, their learning! Review for state tests, connections to later content, and just fun reviews are in our future!
  2. Students are already creating their own augmented reality vocabulary cubes. By training just a couple kids, the understanding of the process is easily being shared. This was my example...and now they are on there way!

3. Students tackle this next time! They are completely capable of creating an Augmented Reality walk for me now! Won't that be awesome!

With such cool technology, this earth science review was fun. :)

If you are interested in using Augmented Reality with the Aurasma app, here are a few resources and good to know facts.:

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