Sunday, September 20, 2015

#68/365 Geologic Time Study Begins... Nerd talk...I'm pretty excited about our upcoming study of geologic eras. The study just fascinates me. I always feel like I have so much to learn. We know what we know about our geologic history from clues left behind, and that need to know is awesome! Just the fact that we are curious about our past is huge. The tedious work and amazing minds that piece the puzzle together blow me away! As we begin to explore these topics, I hope students see the bigger concepts. The immense time that this planet has been in formation eclipses our very short lives. Sometimes discoveries are not easy to accept. They conflict with other beliefs. We work to put the puzzle together, and we refine our understanding over time. A wide variety of men and women have built upon each other's work to make connections and learn. Models can bring great understanding for concepts and engineering activities. These are some of the big ideas that I hope my students discover along the way in this unit. Long after the vocabulary of intrusion, extrusion, Law of Superposition, and unconformity have faded away, I hope some of these big ideas of science have helped them look at the world a little differently. #science #excited


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