Thursday, September 24, 2015

#72/365 Have I mentioned my big toe? Probably. Yes! Since last Friday, it's been a huge pain. Seriously! Pain off and on with this GOUT. The ache and pain that I have going on is definitely distracting me a bit. I've had to pass on some of my favorite foods and beverages. I'm trying all kinds of methods to keep it at bay, but honestly, it is hit and miss. I will say though, "I got the gout, but the gout don't got me!" Today, I ran for the second time in about a week. I only went 3.5 yesterday and 3 today, but it was a personal victory. The first 20 minutes of the run is a hobbling mess of pain. After that, my foot goes numb and I just look a little dumb running (hobbling). I actually feel better after running. Once I get my mind straightened out and dismiss the pain, I feel free. I can reflect on my day, think of my family and friends, and work through some thoughts rolling in my brain. So, yeah...I made gout my b**** today! I grumbled. I grimaced. I looked foolish running. But, there is no way that this is going to stop me from running the Columbus Marathon in about 3 weeks! Look out 20 mile training run...I'm going to make it! #running #columbusmarathon2015 #GOUTSUCKS


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