Friday, September 25, 2015

#73/365 Handing it over... Is not the easiest thing for a teacher like me. I get so wrapped up in my classroom and students that handing over control feels a little like abandoning. Obviously, I know that isn't what it's all about. But, still. Fortunately for me, I'm handing over control to a very smart and talented young teacher. My student teacher has a great perspective on working with the eighth-graders in my school. She gives them respect and understanding that is so very necessary for this age group. She also recognizes the fact that she can do more in class and create really cool experiences because they are well behaved and hard-working. From day one my student teacher has been really observant and reflective about the students. She makes great connections and identifies good ways to interact with the students. She's willing to adjust, adapt, and go with the flow. It's only been a couple weeks since she's been in the classroom, but I already feel like she is a solid teaching partner. She's great at brainstorming ideas. She comes to the conversation with ideas and questions that help spur along the development of the classroom lessons. Talking educational practices and looking at ways to help develop science inquiry in the classroom have dominated our conversations most days. Honestly, it's been really nice to have a teaching partner in the same room. She's also just a really fun person to talk and work with, and I'm looking forward to the next five weeks with her. #science #school #studentteacher


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