Sunday, September 27, 2015

#75/365 40 minutes turned into 40 years... I wrote about Jay and Mike on their birthdays, and I was planning on writing about myself on mine. But, during my run today, I changed gears (a little). Each year on my birthday, I call my Dad. I call him to say good morning and thank you. Each time he picks up the phone, I can hear the smile in his voice. It's our thing. I do this because 40 years ago, my Dad made a brave and difficult move for a young man. He decided to fight and give my life a chance. Many of my friends have heard me tell the story of my birth. I had a pretty serious birth defect that prevented my stomach and bowels from forming inside the abdominal wall. Pretty gruesome and scary stuff for a delivery room. The doctor and staff that delivered me promptly rushed me to a side room. They told my Dad that it wasn't going to be long before I passed away. Probably not quite an hour, absolutely not long after that. The trauma was too much, and they didn't even want him to see me and get attached. He did though. And, he did get attached. He tells me that he looked in my eyes and promised that I would make it. No way was he leaving me. So, he ran around the hospital looking for help. He managed to find another doctor that called for a helicopter and arranged transport to Rainbow Babies. Months of hospital time and surgeries were followed by months of at home care and specialized diet. My Dad jokes about this with me now. But, when he talks about this time, I can't help but think of him as a hero. The fear and doubt on his mind and in his heart that day must have been overwhelming. The strength that it took to accept my fate and decide to do everything in his power to change it was enormous. The love that he showed just walking in to meet me blows me away. He gave me a promise. He's always stood by that promise. It's amazing, Dad. Your love, bravery, and strength turned 40 minutes of life into 40 years. #love #Dad #reflection #strength #courage


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