Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#78/365 The boy with chocolate eyes... The first day I met him, his eyes followed me everywhere. Searching. Questioning. Trying to figure me out. We played on a playground, and while he was swinging on the tire swing with Mike, he was watching me. He wouldn't let me out of his sight, especially when I was with Jayden. I thought about his careful watch of her, and it touched my heart. She was his 5. The same day that I met him, he asked me to be his mom. I was weak with love, fear, panic. I wanted to shout, "Yes! That's why I'm here!" But, I waited. I learned more about him. Andrew loves humor. He loves wit. He thrives on intellectual, deep conversation. He wonders. He questions. And, even at 5, I noticed that he was observant and intelligent. So, as our first weekend together progressed, I tried to think of the best way to tell him the news...we would be family. I learned that Andrew is a water baby, loves all things transportation, and is especially fond of sugar! I saw his dare devil side. I met his wild, crazy side. I met his defiant side. I met his needy side. I saw the intense love and protection he feels for Jay. And, I fell in love with the boy. So, I gave him the news of our family forming with a fortune cookie. It felt right. We went to a Chinese buffet, and I secretly stuffed a new fortune into his and Jayden's cookies. I wrote, "You will find a new Mommy and Daddy." When he and Jay opened their cookies and we read the fortunes, they both looked amazed. They knew right away that Mike and Leah were now Dad and Mom. I looked into Andrew's chocolate eyes. I thought, "I finally found you." #parenting #love #Andrew #HappyBirthday


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