Saturday, September 19, 2015

My #365 Sketch-noting Reflections Goal

Inspired by Jon Jarc and his #365 days of hand stands and reflections, I have been working on my own daily reflection project. It is one that begins with a sketch-note crafted in the Paper by 53 app, and it is completed with a reflection written about something in the day. I do not always have sketch-notes that I am incredibly proud of, but I've come to love the process more than I imagined possible.

I've reflected on everything from my marathon training to my science classroom to my parenting, coaching, and professional goals. I'm only a little over 65 days into the process, but I'd like to archive this process on this platform as well as on my personal Instagram account. Therefore, I will use the IFTT process to share the post on this blog.

I hope that any of my posts help or cause reflection. If not, that's ok too. It is a personal goal.

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