Saturday, October 24, 2015

#103/365 The view... My day began with questions from the team at a local Apple retail store about what technology use looks like in my room. The question, "And, what does that look like?" peppered the conversation that I was having with the team and my friend @jonjarc. Sharing the stories that have come from our schools, our students, and our experiences was an interesting process. While Jon and I have different worlds, we have (like so many other educators) found the experiences in our room to be so helpful in just learning about human nature and interaction. That's what I felt the discussion was really about...what is the human need? That's what I felt like we shared...the view from in the classroom. My children. Today, my view of them was interesting. They were playing with @mejames77 little ones, and they were all so freaking adorable! I loved how giddy Andrew gets when he's in the entertaining mode. His goofy faces, the way he winds kids up...I love it. I act like I want calm and low key play, but honestly seeing his goofy side with little kids is awesome. And, Jay. Dependable Jay. She will corral, entertain, and mother up little kids. She truly has a gift. She loves the little ones or the disabled children. Her heart just melts for them, and before you know it, she has the little ones holding out their hands to her. Even the wildest ones can't help but fall for Jay! My view of my children was lovely tonight. My Earth. Tonight I worked late to get some work done for a certain space agency. @spacespartans and I are partnered up again to have some fun, and late tonight was an opportunity to dig in. My work has a part that involves the Windows on Earth project/website. As soon as I started on the site, I was lost to the beautiful images of our planet. The astronauts that capture these views have my complete admiration, respect, and envy. The view that they have of our beautiful planet is awe inspiring. If you get a chance, visit Windows on Earth site. Gorgeous! You will enjoy the view! #science #Apple #space #family #perspective


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