Monday, October 26, 2015

#105/365 Results are... Inconclusive! We are pretty split between drone, #flexibleseating furniture, and #3Dprinter. Sigh. This was supposed to help, and it really didn't! I think that is says something about my classroom...I'm on the right track. If I had all the funding that I wanted, I imagine that I could design a wicked cool classroom. Unfortunately, public school funding is so far off track. Thank goodness for amazing parents and community members in my district. They are just ready to help support classroom dreams at each turn. I am so grateful to people like Amy Roldan who see the possibilities in classroom adventures and push so hard to make dreams a reality! I found some of the other ideas from the students pretty interesting. The class murals sounded awesome! I've always wanted to make my classroom pop with color like Josh Haplea's art room. And, new iPads...yeah. Three of the class set are from my house, so we are so close to being in trouble on that front. Field trips and motors...we really do have so many ideas! Still pondering this one! On another note, my school bag has five different grants awaiting me! When you fill out around 7 grants a year, you are bound to get some. 👍🏻 #FundingClassroomDreams


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