Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#107/365 Tragedy and science learning... We read about earthquakes. We build earthquake safe buildings. We identify what earthquakes teach us about our planet. We also take time to explore the human tragedy that can happen with such an active planet. As my 8th graders watched the CNN Reports in our lesson about the earthquake on Monday in Southern Asia, and as we talked about the science, I wonder how many of them thought of their family, friends, and community members. I did. I cringed when I saw images of people devastated as they looked at the rubble of their homes. I can't even imagine the fear of the aftershocks and landslides. Looking around at the dead and wondering how you managed to survive. I thought of the hardships of rural life and how events like this compound the struggle. To lose everything... No matter how exciting the movie San Andreas was...the fact of the matter is we cannot predict these events. We can't even adequately prepare for their levels of devastation. #RealitiesOfScience #Tragedy


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