Thursday, October 29, 2015

#108/365 Beauty in the morning run- 5:15 am is pretty early to throw on some tennis shoes and head out to the blustery air. It just is so damn early! Even with the chill in the air and the gusts of wind, the morning was GORGEOUS! The haze of clouds drifted across the ink like sky. The glow of the waning crescent moon jumped across the road as I jogged along. Laughing, quick stories, and sharing some time this morning, I met up with the #RiverRoad #RunningPeeps. After a quick #groupie pic, we set out to wind down River Road. My running partner and I were lucky enough to see the silhouette of a possum as it crossed in front of us. We chatted about running and enjoyed the dark path ahead. Yes. 5:15 am is early, but it is well worth it! #RunningPeeps


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