Saturday, October 31, 2015

#110/365 Cheesy, yes! I've never been a huge fan of Halloween. It seems like a lot of work for decorations, costumes, and treats. For some reason, this year I'm enjoying the season! I think it started with the McCormick Junior High costume day on Friday. The kids looked awesome! From gypsies and pirates to Ninja Turtles and even a gumball machine, the kids had great variety. The #stpetesspooktacular race this morning also made the holiday fun. Seeing all the cool costumes and friends running was pretty cool. I loved driving the golf cart around and cheering for the runners. Seeing my son run was super cool too! Even though I coached him in Cross Country, I can't get enough of seeing him run. He gets such a serious look when he runs. And, if you know my son, you know those serious moments are few and far between! Then, watching my kids get ready for their last trick or treat adventure was fun. Jay was the monkey soccer play, and Andrew was a creepy bag head guy. It was nerve wracking for me of course. Letting those two loose is always stomach twisting! I was on edge until they arrived back with loads of candy. 😜 For those who have always gotten into Halloween, good call! I can see the appeal. 🎃 #enjoy


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