Thursday, October 1, 2015

#79/365 We are sooooooo close! Having the opportunity to create an interactive book for the iPad about a topic that you love with students that are amazing and professionals that are so knowledgable is a really cool process! I am really excited about the book about Old Woman Creek that my 8th graders are building with me. We are getting resources and help from the education staff at Old Woman Creek, and we are using our field trip experiences to create a book that hopefully gets people educated and interested about Old Woman Creek. So far, I have students filming instructional videos for using a watershed demonstration kit called Enviroscape. The two girls used their experiences on the trip to write an educational skit about the model and the ways to prevent pollution from entering a watershed area. Another group of students is using the inquiry activity of water quality testing at Old Woman Creek to create an instructional video. They are using the same equipment from their trip to test the creek water next to our soccer field. Checking turbidity, dissolved oxygen levels, pH levels, and for phosphates and nitrates, these students are performing citizen scientists tasks. Really cool to see their work! Another group is creating animations for the book using an app called Animation Creator. Showing activities like canoeing and drone flights through animation, their clips will open the book with creativity. Finally, we have beautifully drawn maps and research notes for Old Woman Creek using the Paper by 53 app. We also have quotes, student and parent captured images, and @jonjarc beautiful drone footage to add! Filled with resources and ways to get involved, I think this book is a fabulous representation of what outdoor education can lead to. I'm really excited to submit this book after tomorrow. When the last edits have been made and the last video clips have been submitted, the book will be turned in for submission to the iBook store. What will be truly awesome is the students' feelings of pride and success. My feelings of excitement will surely be blasted all over as soon as it is approved! #amazingstudents #studentauthors #communityengagement


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