Friday, October 2, 2015

#80/365 Always learning! It's kind of cool that after 18 years of teaching that I still feel like I'm learning. It can be kind of scary, but cool! Today, I thought about this while my students were working to create Public Service Announcements with the student teacher. We had so many different styles of learning occurring, and it made me think of how diverse their needs all are. Just the examples of note taking and vocabulary awareness allow for so many different learning styles. Some students learn information by taking notes in a very traditional format. They write them out in an outline format. Some students love to work with visual note taking in the Paper by 53 app. Some are blended...they like both verbal and visual notes combined. Super cool! I think they need to find what works for them. Vocabulary awareness can be accomplished a tone of ways. We use paper flip books that utilize text and images to convey messages. Then, I have some students who love to utilize apps like Animation Creator to build different visuals. The variety is so useful when we are coming together to review for bigger assessments. It's just a fun thought to end the week...all learners are so different, and it's super cool to know that I'm still learning about learning! #learning


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