Sunday, October 11, 2015

#80/365 #columbusmarathon It seems like forever ago that we decided to train for the marathon together, and it's right around the corner. Our training runs have been amazing. Honestly, I've never enjoyed running so much. The weather has been in our favor. The injuries have been minimal(ish). Our schedules have worked out. I know it sounds silly to say, but I am going to miss all those long runs. I will especially miss those double digit runs...the 15, 18, 19+. They were grueling. They tested us on so many levels. The physical stress was matched with the mental. We stayed strong. We pushed ourselves and each other. We succeeded on so many levels. I will miss Mary's unusual distance countdown. Saving the countdown to tell me that we have 6.45 miles left (instead of at 7) kept me laughing. Mary made it sound so doable! Joy swearing and telling me that she hates running (during a 15 mile training run) also kept me laughing. Shannon checking in at school and comparing our aches kept me moving forward. We both had some sore days! Jen with her 80's music and the water stops were so appreciated! I know that we have races ahead of us, and our #RunningPeeps connection is strong. I'm so grateful to have such great running friends! You make 4, 8, or 18 miles the best part of my day. 😉


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