Saturday, October 3, 2015

#81/365 The Old Motel and runaway imaginations... We were pretty sure that either someone had been murdered in the motel, there was some sort of smuggling ring going on, or some level of danger was afoot. It had everything to do with our crazy imaginations and our young minds. The times that my sister, my friends, and I spent staking out this old abandoned motel down in our neighborhood were some of the best times of my childhood. The motel itself wasn't incredibly run down. It just didn't have anyone in it. To young kids, the very fact that no one lived there had to mean something. We were the perfect age for imagining that we were detectives and explorers. So of course, when we explored we always had a backpack of supplies. This probably consisted of notebooks, pencils, random items, and possibly food. We would drop our bikes a couple houses down, and sneak up on the building. We would sit behind trees and watch the windows and exits and anything around the building for a while. This whole time, we would be jotting down notes and discussing possibilities for the possible dangers associated with the building. The stakeouts would progress by getting increasingly closer to the building. Our finest time was when we decided to explore the steps underneath the side door of the Old Motel. For kids our age, this was a pretty brave move. We moved the white fencing material away from the entrance so that we could climb in. When we got in there, we didn't find a whole lot of interesting things. There were some old bottles and cans. There may have been a magazine or some type of flyer underneath the stairs. At the time, these materials were just enough to jumpstart our imagination even more. When I drove past the Old Motel today, I had to tell Mike and Jay about this part of my growing up. I had to laugh, but it also made me realize just how much I enjoyed these hours that were spent outside playing and investigating. Our imagination led the way for us, and these days were filled with fun! #explore #play #imagine


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