Sunday, October 4, 2015

#82/365 FLL Club time! Are you a builder, programmer, project designer, or a combination? That variety is what I'm absolutely loving about our First Lego League club time. My 10 participants have such diversity. And yet, they collaborate and support each other really well! Today, I heard comments like: "How can I help you over here?" "What have you tried?" "I can help with this part." And, the exclamations of success are sprinkled in there. Kids celebrating their success and working towards a common goal is really an awesome way to watch them work. We have our project idea developed and ready to roll out next Sunday. Our board is 75% done. We have the bot built and ready for modifications! We are on our way! Our club is supported by Plumbrook NASA and EHOVE. We are so lucky to be one of the schools that they selected to fund and support. I'm so excited to see what our November competition brings. #FLL2015 #collaboration


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